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Get to Sewer Problems without Digging with Trenchless Sewer Repair and Pipe Bursting

Underground Connections specializes in trenchless pipe replacement and sewer repair services as well as new sewer installs for residents statewide. We also provide Hydro-jetting. We use high pressure water to clear your sewer lines too! There is more than one way to repair a broken sewer.  We provide all options and help you select the one that best meets your needs. We insure the water flows out of your home properly to prevent backups.The most popular type of sewer repair is a non-invasive approach referred to as trenchless sewer replacement. Underground Connections specializes in Pipe bursting. Pipe bursting is a trenchless way to replace pipe at prices up to 50% less expensive than other methods of sewer replacements. With trenchless technology, less materials and time is required, so we are able to pass the saving on to you, the customer!

Replace your broken sewer without destroying your landscape, sidewalks and driveways. Avoid destructive sewer replacements with trenchless sewer repair and pipe replacement.  The old sewer is replace by new, stronger HDPE pipe.  It is a seamless, stronger pipe that is guaranteed against any future root instrusion!  We can also do spot repairs. (Look under the Service tab for more details)


We Make Dirty Work Cleaner
Our third generation sewer contractors have more than 23 years of experience. From the start, we decided to give old-fashioned quality customer service that includes creating less mess and offering a better product while saving you headaches and money.

Before you can fix a broken sewer pipe, you must locate the problem.  Underground Connections uses the latest in sewer camera technology to identify the pipe condition, location and depth.  This equipment will provide the information to give you the best solution to your problem, at the lowest cost possible.

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Pipe Bursting:  Replace your pipe, NOT your yard!

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